How can creativity change your life?

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How can creativity change your life?

This is such an important question. And I was the first one to say ….but I am not creative….

But creativity is not art lessons from school. 

So what is creativity? How can we define creativity?

Google’s definition of creativity is: the use of imagination or original ideas to create something.

From Britannica: the ability to make or otherwise bring into existence something new. 

What better way to change your life then….creativity can truly change your life.

One of my Biodanza dance teacher said recently something that really resonated with me: ‘The work of creation is always the expressive result of the act of living’

If you want your life to change, find your happiness, find yourself then creativity has to be at the centre as you are creating the change you need in your life.

So how can creativity change your life?

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Opening yourself up to something different mean you have already started changing your life. You didn’t do this thing, take this path yesterday…so your life is already different for it.It doesn’t have to be complicated.
And if you open yourself up to the idea that your life is already changing you will start noticing more choices, more people, more synchronicities.

When you make a different choice or try something new, be mindful of how it feels, how it looks, what and who you see and hear.

The more you open yourself to creativity, the more you open yourself to possibilities, to meeting someone you, to a job advert that you hadn’t seen, to the possibility of Becoming more you

Top 10 ideas to bring creativity in your daily life

1.      Take your tea in a fancy fine china cup

2.      Buy a snack or a meal you have never tried before

3.      Take a different route when returning from work/shop/school

4.      Put on fancy earrings or top on a normal day

5.       Listen to a new music track

6.      Dance in your kitchen

7.      Text someone you haven’t seen in years

8.      Arrange to meet up with a friend in a new café

9.      High five yourself in the mirror as Mel Robbins suggests, check here video here.

10.   Write little post it notes for the people you love and place them around the house or positive little messages that you leave on benches for strangers.

woman feeling happy opening her arms in a confident pose with the sun shining behind her, she is overlooking the sea

These might seem very small but when you start doing things
differently or look at things differently in your life, you will start a
snowballing reaction as you will start shifting your mindset.

The more you connect with your fun self, the more fun you
will attract in your life. We often say misery likes company but the opposite is true. The more joy you create in your life the more you start attracting people
who will help to lift you.

By taking little steps you will start to find the courage to
take bigger ones and if you need support find a friend who would like to also
shake up her life and reconnect with herself. Or post in my community group or
hire a coach. I see it all the time with women I work with. They feel unhappy
in their job/life and when we start taking simple steps, doors open, new people
enter their lives….

You can do it too.

Anyone can start changing their lives, don’t wait for when your kids are grown, or you have the money to….you need to start now. The little steps above don’t cost money, some hardly take any time. There is no excuse.

YOU have the power and control to change your life. Only when you accept that things will change around you.


If you feel unsure or overwhelmed on where to start, check out my FREE resources.

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