Empowering women with ADHD to thrive.

Helping women to create a fulfilled life


I am here to help people rediscover who they are and create an authentic colourful life.

Understand how your brain works.

Help to find balance, build positive habits, reach your goals  or simply get to know yourself more. 

Transforming your life to find the right balance for YOU and build your Calm and Confidence.

Embrace your ADHD, Embrace Yourself

It is so easy to look at the difficulties our Neurodivergent brains make us face everyday. 

But it is also source of creativity.

How can you create more happiness by embracing your neurodivergence? 

No more Masking no more Burnout.

Create the best life for YOU and for your family. Because when you know yourself and make choices to sustain your energy, you can keep burnout at bay.

I will support you to step towards more calm and peace in your life.

It’s time to be you. 

It’s time to reconnect with yourself. 

You deserve to feel the BEST.

Join the Mothercalm course.

I can offer you...

  • Coaching for balance and confidence in a soft feminine energy.
  • Strategies and Tools adapted to ADHD and Autistic Brains.
  • Wellbeing workshops Online and in Milton Keynes.
  • Supportive Facebook Community of wonderful women!

What my clients say...

"Peggy is a lovely, kind and talented teacher. I really enjoyed my sessions and will miss going each week."
picture showing a whilte mother with her daughter smiling
Sophie C.
At the beginning of the program, I noticed several things that were impacting my personal and work life.
However, since working with Peggy on ADHD coaching, a lot has changed for the better.
white ceramic mug with coffee and a sign saying My brain has too many tabs open ADHD
ADHD client with Access to Work funding
"I really enjoyed my sessions with Peggy.
I was nervous but the sessions were so relaxing and there was no pressure."
Lauren P.

Transform your life today and Become more YOU.


“Take a break to CONNECT and become more YOU!”

Peggy cheyo, a women's coach, sitting smiling facing another woman

Life Coaching

Discover more about how you can live a life of happiness and confidence. Becoming more YOU by creating balance and harmony.

Dark shadow and colour curtain

RE:connection course

All the information and tools you need to reconnect with you and your family. Bring calm to your motherhood.