What is a women circle and should I join one?

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So what is a women's circle?

Women’s circles are a gathering of women of all ages.

The circles help by providing a safe space for women to explore their true selves, where they can find their voice, reclaim their power, and remember their self-worth. This can be done through discussions, journaling, meditations, creative activities/crafts, ….

It can also be a safe space to share, connect with and support other women.

It is a space of rest, growth and connection for yourself and for the group.

Why are women’s circles important?

Several generations ago women would gather to launder their clothes, cook, raise children together.

Nowadays, it is rare for women to gather in spaces where they can open themselves up about their joys, struggles and emotions and be supported without judgement.

  • 29% of women are treated for a mental health condition
  • 1 in 4 women are going to be diagnosed

We need space and time to rest, process and grow away from the constant caring and numerous responsibilities.

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What happens at a women's circle?

There are no 2 women’s circles alike. they can be spiritual or just a chat around a cup of tea.

In a Mothercalm women’s circle we will focus of giving you time and space to rest and grow.

A few things that will usually be included:

  1. Short relaxations to help you focus on YOU
  2. I will facilitate the space and discussion so everyone is heard without judgement and able to respect their own needs and boudaries (you do not have to talk or participate in some activities if you prefer not to)
  3. Activity or prompts to explore an aspect of yourself or your life to understand it and look at it in a new light.
  4. New tools to Become more YOU
  5. A nurturing and nourishing time for YOU
  6. Respect whatever your life choices, beliefs or challenges.

It is a space to BECOME MORE YOU.

women hands gathering together touching a trunk in meditation in a women's circle

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What do I need to join?


The women’s circles are a low cost easy option for you to start or continue your self developement journey.

How can I find a women’s circle near me?

You can join me from all over the world.

I offer circle online through a Zoom session and in person in Bletchley, Milton keynes.

There is no risk involved, come and see for yourself.

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Who is leading the circle?

Me, Peggy from Mothercalm, will be facilitating the circle.

But you are as much an actor as I will be, You are actually the most important actor as you will focus on YOU while I hold the space free of judgement and expectations.

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Is it the same as a sister circle or goddess circle?

Women’s circles are also sometime called Sister circles, Godess circles, ….

The name doesn’t matter, the time and space for YOU does.

Read below to Become more you

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