Time to show up in your life!

When was the last time you were at the centre of your life?

woman feeling happy opening her arms in a confident pose with the sun shining behind her, she is overlooking the sea

As women we can be so good at showing up for others. Helping our children, elderly parents, friends, neighbours, at work, at church….

And somehow helping ourselves can be something classed as selfish…but this attitudes are the best way to burn out feeling like a martyr and a victim.

So common…

Is it really how you want to leave you life?

When was the last time you took a picture of yourself?

There are been so many times when I heard myself say: ” oh no, just take a picture of the kids…my hair is a mess….I am not really dressed, ……”

Finding all sorts of excuses because I was not happy in my skin, having put on 20kg when I was depressed, or finding my nose too big, or having to have just done my hair…


There are periods when I don’t have any pictures of me and the kids, especially when they were young. and now? I am sad about it.

And that is exactly how we do this in our lives when we say oh no I will take the picture instead, or oh no just take the kids. This is why as women we end up so self-consious to the point where we become invisible in our own lives.

When was the last time you took a selfie? When was the last time you took a picture or looked at a picture of yourself and smiled?

We are so used to looking at pictures and start with the BUTS…but I am frumpy, tired looking, …..

Let's start showing up in our lives!

I did a live in my group this week about visibility and how we let fear keep us hidden in our lives.

You can watch it here.

I was exhausted, my periods had just landed, my hair looked like a mess and I was sunburnt. But I thought…well I can’t talk about showing up and hiding myself, so I walked the talk and took fear by the hand and showed up live…not perfect, from my wobbly phone, from the sofa, exauhsted and frumpy BUT I showed up. In a way that was manageable for me that evening.

That’s all i am saying, start with small steps that still feel ok. And you will see that wihin a few weeks, months we will feel happier and more confident and start showing up properly in your life!

Start today!

Take a picture with your partner or with your children or parents or friends.

Or try and take your fear by the end and take a picture of yourself.

HOW to take a selfie as a mum?

1. take a camera or phone

2. Point it at you

….that’s it.

You don’t even have to put it on social media or anything. start with a small step. 


Peggy cheyo, a Woman with yellow t shirt smiling

This is the Masterclass I talk about in my video…join us, it is FREE and will help you to get a boost of confidence and give your the first few steps to putting yourlsef at the centre!

Slash of colour in the background with text saying RE:connection a free 3 day masterclass with peggy cheyo 5-7 june 2023

Top 10 tips on being visible in your life

  1. Take a picture
  2. Go on a play date with yourself (read my blog here)
  3. invite a friend for a cuppa
  4. Join a class
  5. Try something new
  6. Offer to talk at an event/meeting
  7. Take on a new role (at work, as a volunteer…)
  8. Choosing/buying clothes that make you smile
  9. Say NO to what doesn’t work for you
  10.  Book a photoshoot

Below are some of the pictures, my friend Jo Blackwell took during my branding photoshoot.

She made me feel so at ease and my confidence was boosted 10 fold.

Peggy cheyo, a Woman with yellow t shirt smiling on a blue background
Peggy cheyo, a women's coach, sitting smiling facing another woman
Peggy cheyo, a Woman with yellow t shirt smiling and holding her knee with her hands

Now it is time for you to show up in your life!

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