Women’s PowerTypes – Key to Becoming more YOU

CArds showing empowered women representing the 5 powertypes queen, warrioress, lover, mother and Sorceress

How many hats do you wear?

mum, sister, daughter, partner, wife, worker, manager, cook, cleaner, driver….

Do you find yourself trying to spin too many plates and feeling on edge?


As women we are often taught that we need to juggle all the plates in our lives: having a career, a family, a healthy lifestyle,…. But we can’t keep it up by pushing through and being Superwoman. We need to embrace our own strenght and cycles to create a more authentic, balanced life full of colours.

Juggling woman with many colourful balls falling on her
Women in Burn out
Burned out 46%

Are women unhappy?

Do you know that according to Marcus Buckingham

  • We are 60% more likely to suffer job stress and burnout than men.
  • Millennial women are burning out before the age of 30.
  • 29% of women will be treated for a mental health
  • 42% of our marriages end in divorce.

Our all society is based on the principles of doing more, being more. But while we are lucky to have more opportunities than some of our ancestors, we also have a direct route to Burn out.

Research done my Deloite with 5000 women in 10 different countries in 2021/22 has shown that:

Over 50% of women are more stressed than a year ago &

46% feel burned out.


woman laughing at life surrounded by beautiful orange flowers

How do I stop burn out and stress?

If you are reading this blog, it means you want to start making a change in your life. You don’t have to figure it all out today, just taking small steps like being on this page will help you to get one step closer to creating more balance and happiness in your life.

So first of all BREATHE!

Take a few deep breath and remember that you are amazing and I am here to help you.

When we are in the frantic race of keeping all the plates spinning, we are usually running on Superwoman energy, constantly switching from our task to the next, one thought to the next, exhausting ourselves and running on Cortisol…a stress hormone our body releases to keep going. 

Do you know any woman in real life who cooks perfect organic meals for her whole family from scratch and spends quality time with her children while also thriving in a fulfilling career and her wellbeing through sport, meditation and spiritual practices?

…..remember I said REAL LIFE ……… not social media portrait

The reality is that we can not do all of the above by ourselves while having a smile and a fully healthy mind and body. There are times in our lives when some things have to give, some people have to come and help and choices need to be made.

So I will say it again BREATHE!


Step by step out of burnout

Dark shadow and colour curtain

First step is awareness.

Become aware of what is challenging and what you want.

The more you connect with where you are and how you feel, the easier it will become to take steps towards change.

It is amazing to see the massive change, women I work with 1 to 1 during 3 months make, it is not about adding more on their plate but understanding themselves firstand foremost.

Mother smiling with the sun shining happy life

You might think, I don’t have time or money to invest in a big program. but you don’t need to right now!

This is why I started the women’s circles. A little step towards reconnecting with you. 

Or buy a book, just start where you are!

Then start finding your Soft Power, a new kind of power to lead the fulfilling lives we want to lead.

With all my programs, I help women to let go of Superwoman to connect with a different kind of power to bring on sustainable change towards a life that bring them joy and excitement. A life that feels more calm and balanced.

Mother laughing with her children coaching

A power grounded in collaboration, not competition. A power of co-operation not coercion. A power centred in replenishment not depletion. At One of Many we call this new power, “soft power”.  I experienced first-hand the life changing benefit of these amazing vision and tools. Connecting with my soft power has been mind blowingly different to any self development tools I tried using before.

Using PowerTypes™ to own your soft power

Because so few of us have role models of this way of being, One of Many created the Women’s PowerTypes™ to serve as our inspiration and guides:

Work with the PowerTypesTM and you will not only be strong and effective, but also true to the softer aspects of your nature. You’ll be taken seriously, without having to take yourself so seriously. You’ll achieve more, without burning yourself out.

You will find some archetypes are easy for you to express. They are there for you as powerful, accessible tools to help you get the results you desire. But for some leadership and life challenges, you may find that the solutions you require are to be found by harnessing the qualities of your lesser expressed PowerTypes™.

The PowerTypes™ are about keeping in flow and utilizing all the qualities relevant to the situation or challenge at a particular time. They are key energetic influences in your life and ideally you are looking to embody all of them to use as and when you need them.’ One of Many

So it is time, let me introduce you to the amazing PowerTypes™.

The Warrioress

Energetic and youthful, the Warrioress is characterized by her commitment to fighting for justice. Like the mythical Amazonian woman, she’s courageous, independent and quick to act. With the strength of a tigress she looks after her own. Others admire her raw energy, but she can be hard to keep up with.

Lover Powertype showing the back of a woman in a red luxurious robe sitting on a copper bath

The Lover

The Lover is characterised not just by her sensuality and sexuality, but by her enjoyment of emotion, feeling and a love of life itself. She’s the source of life, of creativity. She relishes in the exploration of the world through her five senses, and delights in giving and receiving pleasure in all domains. She is the centre of our own self-care and knows how to take care of herself, and not burn out.

The Mother

A woman does not need to have children to have a robust Mother PowerType. Always available to provide a space of safety, warmth and solace, the Mother is where we all go for nurture and nourishment. She is patient and kind, mothering not just her children, but all children and the planet. She is always looking to bring out the best in others. She will sometimes sacrifice her own needs for those she identifies as her family. 

The Queen

Comfortable in leadership and certain of her place in the world, the Queen epitomises grace and dignity. She is deeply committed to her realm, and holds a clear vision for what she desires for those in it. People are fiercely dedicated to her vision, and will often lay down their lives in the service of her ideals.

The Sorceress

Connected to a higher power, the Sorceress knows that magic and miracles happen in the every day. She understands and works with the bridge between the seen and unseen. She’s highly innovative, and facilitates transformation. She is naturally curious, searching for information, wisdom and knowledge. She is a master of her chosen technologies. She enjoys her own company and her daily life abounds with ritual.

So now there is only one more step to take:

Book a FREE call with me and as special gift you will get a FREE token to receive your personalised Powertype Profile.

I will then help you to understand you Profile and what you will need to embrace your Soft Power, No Purchase Necessary.

This is my gift to you so you can start moving and create your amazing life full of colours.

CArds showing empowered women representing the 5 powertypes queen, warrioress, lover, mother and Sorceress

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