I am Peggy Cheyo.

I specialise in helping mothers to stop running and start living.

Helping women to leave overwhelm behind,reconnecting with who they are, find a job that makes them happy and return home to a family full of love and laughter.

I love guiding women to find a way back to themselves when they have gotten lost through the numerous transitions of motherhood and the juggles of life. Seeing a woman remember who she is or rediscover who she wants to be is incredible.

This is the start of an exciting journey towards creating an authentic life. A meaningful life of fulfillment, peace, empowerment and happiness!

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Multicultural family smiling together in the sun

As a busy home educating  ADHD mom of 2 energetic boys and a cat, wife in a multicultural family (French, British & Tanzanian) – I completely understand the daily struggles of juggling too many roles in a complex world.

It is my goal to help you discover yourself and create the boundaries and priorities you need to Become more YOU living your best life and awaken to new possibilities by creating your amazing life! 

I have been supporting women through their pregnancy, birth and motherhood journey since 2008 through babywearing, birth preparation, hypnobirthing, yoga, postnatal support, teaching  and coaching.


Peggy’s qualifications

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Life Coaching

Discover more about how you can live a life of happiness and confidence. Becoming more YOU by creating balance and harmony.

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Becoming more YOU

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Birth Trauma Resolution

If you still have unresolved emotions linked to your birth, fertility, pregnancy or your postnatal period, TBR 3 step rewind can help