I am Peggy Cheyo. 

My mission is to help Neurodivergent women to leave overwhelm behind, reconnecting with who they really are, understand their strengths and find ways to navigate their challenges to bring more harmony in their life and their neurodivergent families.

I actually discovered I had ADHD in my 40s.

My personal journey began as I faced my own challenges, navigating through years of depression and anxiety, particularly during the early years of motherhood. Traditional treatments weren’t providing the answers I needed until a hypnotherapist suggested exploring ADHD. This revelation prompted a journey of self-discovery and acceptance, marked by a deep resonance with the descriptions of ADHD in women.

Acknowledging the impact of ADHD on my family, I delved into extensive research, eventually obtaining an official diagnosis through the Right to Choose Pathway. This transformative experience, coupled with my coaching background, inspired me to specialise in supporting Neurodivergent adults.


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Join me on an exciting journey to reconnecting with yourself...

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I believe in turning life’s challenges into opportunities for growth. 

My own journey through ADHD diagnosis and Access to Work shaped my passion to empower women with ADHD, helping them understand and manage challenges for a fulfilling and successful life. I love guiding women to find a way back to themselves when they have gotten lost through the numerous struggles of ADHD, while also juggling motherhood. I believe in turning life’s challenges into opportunities for growth. Seeing a woman own who she is or find the strength to be who she wants to be is incredible.

This is the start of an exciting journey towards creating an authentic life that works for YOU. A meaningful life of fulfilment, peace, empowerment, and happiness!

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