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It’s time to be you. It’s time to reconnect with yourself. You deserve to feel the BEST!

This course is a remarkable journey of self-discovery, rejuvenation, empowerment and reconnection.

Not only will you understand more about yourself but also about reconnecting with your family, helping regulate your children’s emotions and enhancing your parenting. 

I have meticulously crafted this roadmap to provide you with the essential tools, support, and guidance you need to navigate the delicate balance between career, family, and personal well-being. Covering topics such as Emotional Regulation, The Nervous System, Dealing with Overwhelm, Nurturing the Nervous System, all the way through to Heritage Parenting. 

You will be at the centre of this journey AND I will be supporting you each step of the way.

This course is specially designed for women like you who are ready to:

  • Deepen the insights and breakthroughs you gained during the event
  • Integrate the newfound self-awareness into your daily life.
  • Develop practical strategies for balancing motherhood, personal goals, and overall well-being
  • Create a sustainable life that nourishes your mind, body, and soul
  • Forge a deeper connection with your true self and unleash your inner strength

The Group coaching calls will be a safe and supportive space where you can continue to explore and overcome challenges, and cultivate a life that aligns with your authentic self.

Enrolling in this course will provide you with:

  1. Expert guidance and support from me and a wonderful community.
  2. Ressources, tools and knowlefge to help you step in your best life
  3. Engaging and interactive tools to help you apply the lessons to your real-life experiences
  4. A supportive community of like-minded women who share your journey of self-discovery