Desperate for ME time?

Mothers are so good are making sure everyone is well and their needs are met, but when we juggle so many hats and roles it can be very easy to lose ourselves and become overwhelmed and burnt out.

Stop running after everyone and start living the life you want!

Investing in yourself is the first step towards building an authentic life full of colours. Create the life YOU want to live.

It will benefit the all family. The happier and fulfilled you are the happier your kids and other family members are going to be.

Start  with a small step: taking time for YOU.

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What is a women’s circle?

It is a safe space for women to share their true selves, where they can find their voice, reclaim their power, and remember their self-worth.

Circles will typically involve some creative journaling, relaxations, sharing with other women.

You will choose to participate in all or some of these activities, there is no obligation. I have been facilitating groups for 14 years, so I am very sensitive to how people are to make sure everyone is comfortable..

It is for you to decide what is right for you on the day.

I run online and face to face circles in Bletchley, Milton Keynes.

I run several short and all day workshops throughout the year.

Both online and in person in Bletchley, Milton Keynes.

One of the most popular workshop is my Vision Board day, where you get to connect more deeply with yourself and start dreaming what you want your life to be.

You then create your own board to continue and inspire you all year long. 

If you come to me I will also nurture you with a delicious lunch and nourishing snacks and cuppas throughout the day.

What is a vision board?

Read all about Vision Boards in my article here.






Embodying your Soft PowerTM

As women we are often taught that we need to juggle all the plates in our lives: having a career, a family, a healthy lifestyle,….

But we can’t keep it up by pushing through and being Superwoman. 

We need to embrace our own strenght and cycles to create a more authentic, balanced life full of colours.

Discover how the One of Many Powertypes ™ can help you on a journey of transformation and harmony. 

When you book a FREE discovery call, You can receive the amazing bonus of your FREE personalised Powertypes Profile.

Discovery call is a FREE no obligation chat. 

I trained with One of many ( ICF accredited) to become a transformational life and leadership coach.  I am also a yoga teacher and expert facilitator and trainer.

I have been working with parents and especially mothers for the past 14 years, supporting them in their own journey. I have helped each mother make their own choices through listening, supporting, coaching and informing.

I am based in West Bletchley and can do in person sessions in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas of Buckinghamshire or Bedfordshire. I also run Zoom Coaching sessions.

Everyone has a unique journey to craft and live.

NOW it is your turn to write YOURS!

Start creating your colourful life by joinging me for a chat.

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What my clients say

I did a full day vision board session with Peggy, which I can strongly recommend . Peggy was a lovely hostess and had organized all details really well. Loved the positive vibe and energy in the group after the “let go” exercise. Very empowering. Peggy helped and supported with filling in some unanswered questions and gaps on my board. Love how my board turned out and every time i look at it it gives me a warm and positive feeling. Feeling really good about it.
If you are a stressed woman who is desperate for some space for your self, this is perfect. Not only are you creating space for yourself, you can look at moving forward. Peggy is just wonderful and holds a calm, safe environment. I felt deeply relaxed after the relaxations led by peggy aswell.
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You can also read more about Vision Boards, in my new blog here.

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Life Coaching

Discover more about how you can live a life of happiness and confidence. Becoming more YOU by creating balance and harmony.

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Becoming more YOU

Join a FREE facebook community of women who are like you making steps towards a life where they are creating more happiness, balance and hamorny.

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Birth Trauma Resolution

If you still have unresolved emotions linked to your birth, fertility, pregnancy or your postnatal period, TBR 3 step rewind can help