Want to be yourself again beyond your roles as a mother, worker, manager, cook…..?

Are you overwhelmed or feel you have lost your joy?

Are you struggling to find a good work/family life balance?

Are you ready to change your life?

Investing in yourself is the first step towards building an authentic life full of colours. 

Create the life YOU want to live. Reconnect with yourself.

Woman in orange dress is coaching a client while smiling.

Get Clarity on your purpose

Recognise and Let Go of your limiting beliefs

Get insight and reframe your thoughts

Get confident in the choices you make





What’s included?

VIP DAY: One to One full day Session




What’s included?

– 1 online session to identify challenges.

– A full one day in person session.

– Lunch and refreshments provided.

– 10am until 4pm.

– Explore what is keeping you stuck, exhausted & lost. Get you to relax, become calm and gain confidence. 

– Reconnecting with your own creative self in a day that is accustomed to you as an individual.

– Building a personalised action plan.

(ADD NAME): 6 session programme

INVESTMENT: £447 or 3 instalments of £149



What’s included?

Being empowered, calm and happy will help your all family.

It can be overwhelming to know where to start, but you are not alone.

Take the first step…

You can change your life….

and I am here to help you!


1-on-1 coaching sessions are usually 1 hour and can be done in person in Bletchley (Milton Keynes), or Online. These sessions are completely unique to yourself, and will be catered to help you achieve your goals.

They can be scheduled to whenever you are available.

You will be provided with deeper, more personalised support in developing goals to discovering yourself again, reconnecting with yourself and personal growth.

What my clients say

I took part in a 12 week One of Many program with Peggy as my coach. The interactions came at a point during last year when I was coping with a lot in both my personal and professional life. I was low in energy, with very changing moods and feeling lost. The biggest impact has been in giving my previously racing mind total peace. I would recommend stepping through this program to anyone feeling they have lost their way in life. I am certain that the outcome is also down to Peggy's skilled approach in listening and open questioning. So jump right in !
picture showing a whilte mother with her daughter smiling
Woman life coach smiling to client

Are you a mother, struggling to balance work… life… family… and all of the rest? 

Why not try my Mothercalm online course for just £77? 

Not only will you understand more about yourself but also about reconnecting with your family, helping regulate your children’s emotions and enhancing your parenting.